Printed by: Nova Era

In Pedro's eye and hands, you can trust blindly. Almost three decades of devotion to the Graphic Arts, in capital letters,endorse him. As well as his enviable complicity with the most renowned designers in the country, who appreciate his avant-garde character and professionalism.

Pedro López Líndez's way with color, ink and paper is out of this world, so he and his team at the printing house Nova Era Barcelona have been excellent allies when it comes to turning Diabla's 2021 catalogue into our little paper jewel to savor "Enjoying the Great Outdoors".

You made it possible for our catalogue to be a reality today. Are you happy with the result?

It is one of our most beautiful works.

Diabla is freedom and experimentation. That is why we really admire your great evolution. Since Nova Era’s birth, you have quickly adapted to technological changes without losing your essence and love for the profession. How have you always maintained your position at the forefront of the sector?

Nova Era is a 30-year project created by someone who considers our work as art and who, since the age of 20 (now 64), has worked with all generations of designers, always working to offer that which no other printer can. That's why, when printed on porous papers, our work outperforms any other by more than 50%.

Printing Diabla Catalogue

We are fascinated by the love and special care with which you treat the image, the color management and the printing screens. What is your work philosophy?

We have developed an individual treatment for each photograph depending on the paper that we print on, achieving colors as vivid and with as much detail as if they were printed on couché paper... this obliges us to always work with the latest technologies (now in offset with H-UVI inks and in digital with Indigo).

The screens we use are Sublima with an ultra-fine liniature. In fact, the screen can only be seen with a thread counter or magnifying glass.

In addition to professionalism, the word complicity is always heard when someone talks about you. What does this connection with designers bring to the final project?

All our clients come to us through designers (those who appreciate quality). There are many printers here who, when a designer comes to them, get nervous... We don't have commercials, or rather, our commercials are designers who have total confidence in us, both in terms of paper and finishesadvice.

Nova Era y P.A.R

What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

The entry into the machines always wins: when we see the result of the processing of our profiles. Until then it's only in our head virtually.

Downloading the Diabla catalogue from the web is great, although it's not the same as holding it in your hands. What is it about the smell of ink and the feel of paper that is so appealing?

I have no doubt that a catalogue or a book is a work of art. I have met many people from start-up companies who have never had a paper catalogue before. See how excited they get when they hold it in their hands.

Craftsmanship or innovation?


Nova Era impresión

Although it's time to make the most of terraces and our own outdoor spaces without going too far away, which of those fascinating landscapes did you imagine while you were printing the pages of our catalogue?

Somewhere in the desert...

One shape, one material, one color.

SHAPE IN 70 x 100 - CMYK

What "impossible" challenges have you been working on lately?

The project about the more than 30 years of 'TRICICLE' theater company. We have made black and white and color photographs from more than 30 years ago look spectacular... and with porous paper.