Diabla stays at home with Made Studio

Borja García and Laura Ros, the creatives behind the architecture firm Made Studio, are the architects of the Arp family, which will be released in early summer. Arp embodies his approach to design as something as emotional as rational that has as its main objective, no more and no less, to improve the lives of people and the world they inhabit.

The series, consisting of an armchair, a two and three-seater sofa, and a low coffee table, stands out for its contemporary and architectural character. Arp is an abstraction of the cast iron furniture pieces and tectonic architecture of the 19th century, all reinterpreted from contemporary innovation and design.

DIABLA is the youngest and freshest brand in the Gandiablasco Group. What do you think makes us special?

Diabla is the dream brand for any creative. A daring brand, with a certain irreverence and with immense expressive depth, capable of launching unexpected and suggestive products onto the market. It has a special character since its inception, with a well-formed identity and clear to understand. This is how we see it. It has been a great opportunity to be part of your family through Arp.

You are industrial designers and architects. How do you think these two facets complement each other in your creations? Does your new ARP collection for DIABLA have any architectural inspiration?

Our team combines the two disciplines and this is a fundamental part of our DNA. There is no project that is not powered by both parties, each one adds its vision. Industrial design provides a fundamental vision of contact with the user and with the market, while architecture provides the setting for the product. We always imagine the place that the product could inhabit, its character and its identity. Apart from this, of course the references of both disciplines are always present in our creative process.

ARP sketches

What is the name of this collection?

The general concept of the collection lies in the proliferation of the use of metal in England in the 19th century, when the Crystal Palace positioned itself as the maximum exponent of the structural and compositional possibilities of this material. This gives rise to the characteristic motif of the collection on all its backs, a geometric succession built on vertical aluminum lines that reminds us of the strings of a harp.

You confess to being lovers of materials, what is special about aluminum?

Aluminum is a material close to perfection. It has a very wide expressive register, capable of taking innumerable forms. Its behavior outdoors is almost unalterable in time and its different ways of finishing it make it almost infinite in possibilities. The light that returns an anodized finish is magical, full of nuances, while in crude it is rough and sincere. And of course through thermo-lacquering the chromatic fan multiplies. We have been working with it for years in both product and architecture and it never ceases to amaze us.

ARP also has a strong textile component. What advantages does this provide considering that these are outdoor seats?

Indeed, the textile part of Arp is a big part of its charisma and identity. We wanted to add these two strengths, aluminum for its structural component and the entire textile body for its most intimate and comfortable appearance. We wanted to make a casual, comfortable and very friendly piece, that's why the back cushions are more arbitrary in dimension and color, looking for a more personal approach.

Made Studio at home

Of all the colors offered by the Diabla color range, which offers dozens of possibilities, what would be your favorite monochrome choice? And a risky but attractive combination?

If we talk about solid color, we would bet on a Navy blue, and in case of looking for something more risky we would go to a Terracotta in structure with Beige, Peach and Red Wine cushions.

What meaning do outdoor spaces have for you?

Practically everything! Whatever our dream scenario is, it is always linked to outdoor space. Whether it is a natural place or an architectural work, the relationship with the environment and specifically the fact of inhabiting the outer space fascinates us. Probably our passion for outdoor furniture is directly related to this fact.

In which outdoor spaces, private or public, do you like to imagine ARP?

Arp is very chameleonic due to its multiple possible configurations and above all its chromatic adaptation, which allows it to fit into almost any space. The reality is that we imagine it in environments of a certain tranquility, sincere, unpretentious spaces that lend themselves to the relaxed and friendly life of a summer afternoon.

Made Studio at home

What kind of combinations can you create with the elements that create this collection?

They are designed to operate autonomously, whether it is an armchair on a balcony or a sofa on a small porch, but of course when they are configured together and combined with each other the possibilities multiply, being able to solve an exterior lobby of a hotel or relaxation areas in a private residence.

As usual in Made Studio creations, Arp expresses the authors' intimate connection to product design and architecture through work done with extreme care from concept to detail.

The aesthetic strength and magnetic staging of Arp is only equaled by the importance that the structural and constructive dimension has had in its conception. Geometric and bold, it promises, not only to add value and functionality to outdoor spaces of all kinds, but also to attract all eyes.

More coming soon…