Valentina Outdoor, BID award at Matadero

Design crosses borders, and, at DIABLA, we know it. It is perhaps for this reason that we were invited to participate at the 6thIbero-American Design Biennial, a very inspiring and heterodox project promoted by DIMAD, which takes place every two years at the Design Center of Matadero Madrid, a hub for contemporary creation.

The IDB is the most important encounter between professionals and design institutions from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, promoted by the Department of Culture and Sports of Madrid’s City Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With Diabla attitude. Don’t miss it! The exhibition featured more than 400 design works from the 23 Ibero-American countries, focusing on innovation, experimentation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, creativity, new ideas, development, citizen participation, technological research, design for all, social inclusion, cooperation, and a series of activities with cultural institutions, such as conferences, workshops, roundtables, networking events...etc. 

Among these works, selected by the IDB Advisory Committee, an international jury formed by Diego Vainesman, Rosa Ferré, Alex Lobos, Nuno Gusmâo, Yanina Huguette, Esen Karol and Carlos Arturo Torres selected the best projects by category and awarded the international prizes.

Out of the 7 categories in which it participated, Valentina Outdoor by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco for DIABLA, the new GANDIABLASCO brand, won the Industrial Design award, ex aequo with Witboxgo! from BQ.


" Valentina Outdoor is born from the answer to a basic question: how to design a furniture system with the minimum number of elements, playing with objects that are already familiar to everyone, like cushions? A cushion is an everyday object that suggests warmth and comfort, but scaled to other dimensions and decontextualized it can acquire a different meaning, other uses ".
Alejandra Gandia-Blasco

Among the winners, the design element is recognized mainly for its capacity to transform,its creative and cultural value and its ability to provide solutions to problems: design associated with the search for ways to develop new economic activities, with criteria of sustainability and experimentation.

In addition, over the next two years, Valentina will travel with the winners, to be part of a traveling exhibition around the 23 Ibero-American countries.

Let us tell you a little bit about some of the jury members at the 6th Ibero-American Design Biennial:

  • Diego Vainesman (Argentina, resident in New York.) A director of his own design studio 40N47 Design, Inc. in New York, Diego is also a professor of Visual Narrative in at a master's program at the School of Visual Artsand has been a professor of design at Parsons and Pratt University.
  • Rosa Ferré (Spain). Director of Matadero Madrid, curator of exhibitions and cultural manager. She was Head of Exhibitions and Cultural Activities at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona-CCCB between 2012 and 2018. Her recent projects relate interdisciplinary artistic creation, scientific research and social innovation.
  • Alex Lobos (Guatemala, resident in New York). Industrial designer. His work has focused on sustainability, emotional design and user-centered design. He is a Postgraduate Director and Associate Professor in Industrial Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

At DIABLA we cannot agree more with Gloria Escribano, coordinator of the sixth edition of the Biennial, "People think of design as something luxurious, something expensive. However, we are interested in design for real people, design that solvesproblems and is attentive to reality."

More than a design competition, IDB is a forum to generate ideas and share them among creatives from the 23 Ibero-American countries, where it is becoming more obvious than ever that people, and not objects, are the true end of design. The proposals show reflection and debate on new models of production, use of materials, business models and entrepreneurship, as well as expressions of social integration and training of young people and future professionals.

"There are many social projects, in Latin America there is a lot of sensitivity to solve a lot of things, they are intangible projects -processes or initiatives-, designs and citizen participation", says the coordinator. 

Proposals, for example, like the work of Argentinian studioxCruza,, a "transparent" voting system that promises to "streamline the traditional system of suffrage." Or the work of Chileans DanitzaVymazal and Pablo Silva, a proposal called "Al colegioseguro ", which provides for the creation of routes in that country so that children can come and go from school alone and without danger, living public spaces as something normal that is doneevery day. "

According to itsorganizers, IDB shows that "we have overcome the stage of competing in production for price and we now have a pool of designers whose creativity and solvency confer an added value to products, which allows them to participate in the market in the best possible conditions".

In short, an encounter with the most transversal and urgent Ibero-American design. If you are in Madrid, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition, designed byrenowned architecture studio Paredes y Pedrosa, where you can see the more than 400 proposals and award-winning projects, including Valentina Outdoor by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco for DIABLA, the new brand of GANDIABLASCO.

Design Center Matadero Madrid
Paseo de la chopera 10, Madrid
November 20 - January 26 2019