Yes to cold tones, but with a spark

Winter in Diabla is not a synonym of sadness or reclusion. On the contrary, the snow season in Diabla has a spark, and with our proposal of cold tones, our outdoor furniture captures all the ambient light. The cold has never been so warm.

Cold colors

Regardless of color, the outdoor furniture and accessories collections can be enjoyed at any time of the year, due to their genuine and casual design, and to these suggestive color combinations. There is no piece that goes unnoticed in the new 2020 catalog and stand out for their versatility at the service of functionality, with this dash of self-confidence that characterizes the youngest firm of Gandia Blasco Group.

Dare with polar colors

The cold tones blend with the winter landscape. In particular, we talk about the whole spectrum of blues that go from the clear as the sky or the glacial, the cerulean with gray strokes, to the darkest and most intense as the cobalt or the electric. This range also includes some neutrals that contrast with blues such as nuclear whites, ivories or grays that help mitigate visual impact. Those represent shades that evoke winter and connect chromatically with its most characteristic landscapes: the gray sky that announces storm, the snowy mountains, the dull sea bathed in silver blue or the lakes dyed in steel blue, reflections of a weakened light.

Sail poufs with urban blue

Warm sensations

Within decoration, the combination of cold colors with neutrals such as white and gray help create bright and emotional spaces, they provide a feeling of relief, freshness and tranquility. These are combinations that provide light and soothe the mind.

Far from being gentle, the cold range of the exterior furniture of the new Diabla collection draws attention for its more vibrant spectrum: these are pieces that seduce, capture ambient light and provide a touch of sparkle and color.

Therefore, in Diabla you will find many possibilities to create a winter environment through furniture and accessories in cold tones.

We give you some ideas:

  • Mareta: This soft chill-out sofa, designed by Héctor Serrano, has a removable upholstery which is available in 19 different colors. It highlights the lighter blue range of fabric such as Urban Blue Capri and Urban Blue Optical, and the darkest as Urban Blue Ocean or the vibrant Blue Plain.
  • Sail: This fluffy and desirable Hector Serrano’s armchair is also available in 4 shades of different blues. One tip: dare to combine two shades of blue with each other for a more harmonious result.
  • Ploid: This collection created by the Romero Vallejo studio represents a modular wonder composed by only three elements: two corner seats and a central module that accepts infinite combinations. We recommend that you choose a cover in vibrant tones or that you combine a lighter fabric that contrasts with the thermo-lacquered aluminum legs in darker blue. Remember that you have a side table from the same collection.

Diabla products with cold tones

Brighten up this winter

This selection of Diabla outdoor furniture in cold colors that can be combined with geometric-inspired snowy accessories, such as lamps and planters with an architectural vocation that contrast, refresh and represent a nod to nature.

Our suggestion for you:

  • Esferas: This is an outdoor corded lamp, perfect for lighting dining rooms, outdoor lounges or any passage area. They bring a neutral style that does not detract from the furniture that accompanies it. Design by Pablo Gironés for Diabla.
  • Pirámide: This architectural cut lamp, created by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales adapts elegantly to any environment. In winter, this light sculpture can remind of a sharp iceberg.
  • Gobi: This is the most organic flowerpot collection by Diabla, designed by Pablo Gironés. Choose the size you like and find allies in neutral tones such as white, light gray or dark, to create a custom composition.

Enjoy the winter with Diabla!

Pirámide lamp on