Terraces by Diabla: Bierwinkel Delirium Experience Valencia

A Biergarten of unusual design created for a unique brand experience, by Sigfrido Serra and Mateo Climent from the SINMAS architecture studio.

If there is anyone able to create an access to the dreamlike universe of fantastic creatures part of the popular Belgian beer Delirium Tremens’ imaginary, that someone is the Sigfrido and Mateo duo. Put forward by the marvels of Valencian SINMAS, a Diabla pink tone invades every corner of Bierwinkel’s terrace: the bar, of modern and quirky designs, has been created to amaze even the most affectionate beer drinkers. The restoration project was inaugurated in early 2021 at the Heron City shopping center in Valencia and, since then, has not stopped receiving praise for its unconventional style and its attentive selection of elements of design.

Spain’s first Bierwinkel Delirium Experience terrace is the perfect example of how Diabla, if you remember we are the youngest firm of Gandia Blasco Group, works together with the best designers. Everything, from the contract installation to the brand spaces to the new trends in the retail field, aims to be a unique and memorable experience for the consumer, to connect and build loyalty.

356 collection at Bierwinkel Delirium Experience

Thought-provoking, futuristic and pink, very pink: we think that the space you have designed is very Diabla. What about you?

Bierwinkel Experience’s terrace fleshes out a new brewery concept, whereby colors and curves are the protagonists of the space. The concept is born for people looking to live new experiences and enjoy the outdoors. We think that the firm has values that are very much visible in the design and concept of the space we developed. For this reason, Diabla had to be in this space, specifically to enhance this new brewery concept with attractive and suggestive designs.

Which designs did you pick for Bierwinkel Delirium Experience and why?

At Bierwinkel Delirium Experience, there were some pieces that just had to be there like Héctor Serrano’s AIR stool Marià Castelló’s D12 series comprising of table and coat rack; Romero & Vallejo’s PLOID side table; Jonathan Lawes’ ABSTRAKT MONA 1 table the GOBI planter by Pablo Gironés; and designs by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales such as the armchair and the LIPSTICK table and the seats and the coffee table from the 356 collection.

All of above mentioned pieces, among others, stand out for their unique colours and design. At the same time, they also help us to mark the different areas of the space, so that it’s easy to move them around according to the availability of the place, which is key given the times we are living in. In addition they ensure long durability over time.

Clack! chairs and D12 dining table at Bierwinkel Experience

We are curious: what inspired you to get to this design?

When we have been assigned the job we were clear that we should make a space that would not leave indifferent and that people would be eager to see. For this we found inspiration in playful spaces, as at the end of the day they are spaces to play and have fun in good company.

What attracted you most about Diabla personality and how does it contribute to the experience you are trying to provide with your project?

When we develop a project we always think it is essential to surround ourselves with the best firms that meet the predetermined design parameters for the space, in addition to ensuring its durability. We feel extremely lucky to have firms like Diabla, which perfectly represents the values we want Bierwinkel Experience to show. Diabla provided furniture with colorful and organic lines that evoke both a cheerful and elegant style.

356 at Bierwinkel Delirium Experience

A pink brewery? Interesting match, why did you pick color and not another?

In order to give life to a new brewery concept, we had to break with the established criteria for this type of brewery. With this in mind, we were clear that color was going to play a major role. In our case it was the pink color, synonym with light, freshness and perfect to share unforgettable moments at Delirium Experience, surrounded by family or friends.

Although they bring a special spark to any residential or contract interior, the truth is that Diabla designs are perfect for outdoor use at any point in the year. What do you think is the secret to the most appealing terraces and open spaces?

From SINMAS we feel very fortunate to have been born in Valencia, a land that inspires us in all our projects for its light and proximity to the sea. That’s why we love to enjoy the outdoors at all times, because they are spaces that vary as time passes.

To frame these moments and to create a whole experience each time, everything has to match. That’s why we advise that it is an attractive space: you have to look for harmony between the different pieces that are part of the composition, for proper lighting and a good weather resistance. After all, just make sure you give to the outside the same care and dedication you give to the inside.

Like Sigfrido and Mateo, Diabla thinks of design as the best weapon to enjoy outdoor spaces. Whether at Bierwinkel Delirium Experience or in any other stylish terrace, Diabla creates an environment filled with colors and ingenious and unique pieces. It’s a perfect mix to disconnect from the daily hustle and relish the open air in a new way.