Sit down please! on the GRILL chair, contemporary icon by Neo2 Magazine

If Neo2 captivated us on paper and hooked us online, it has now wrapped us in three dimensions. "Sit down, please!" With this kind invitation, the new Neo2 Home space at Monkey Garage has shown us a particular selection of seats produced by the most modern and fresh design brands in Spain. And we, from Diabla, are excited to be included among them.

Neo2 Sit down please!

The exhibition Iconos Contemporáneos. Sit down Please! has included the GRILL chair, the latest design from Diabla, by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón from MUT Design. The first prototypes already debuted in the “A la fresca” installation created by the same designers for the “Das Haus” project at the imm Cologne 2020 fair, since then we realized that GRILL would be one of the distinctive designs within our collections.

GRILL is ready to rub shoulders with contemporary design icons with its curvilinear structure made of welded aluminum, a material that makes them surprisingly light. This architectural, industrial, and structure geometry does not detract from functionality (they are comfortable, simple and easy to move and stack). It is clear right? its name could not be other: its structure clearly reminds us of the traditional iron grills on which designers are inspired.

Grill in Sit down please!

The exhibition was opened during February 10 - 16 in the framework of the Madrid Design Festival. But where? in Monkey GARAGE, a garage with style located in the center of Madrid. Anything else? Yes! The exhibition included the winning designs in the third edition of the Neo2 Designers Awards. It was a pleasure for Diabla to share space and talent, with this selection of the most interesting designers of the Spanish panorama according to the avant-garde criteria of Neo2 magazine.

Thanks to all the design enthusiasts who came to see us, to MUT Design for their ingenuity, to Neo2 magazine for including us among their contemporary Spanish icons, and to the rest of the editors and creators who have accompanied us in this fantastic initiative.