Sit down with Diabla

There are chairs for all occasions and situations within the Diabla catalogue: from stylish, casual laid back collections to dining table chairs, stools, foldable options and even rocking chairs, all however, featuring an atypical and unique design approach. With their unusual looks they are perfectly suited to a corner of the terrace or garden for hanging out, bringing a daring touch to an ambience or lending something fresh to a functional setting. Inspirational designs for daring, colourful and creative spaces.

Do you dare with color?

A palette of colour for spaces with style and energy. Explosive tones are coupled with more neutral colour options within the Diabla collections. The former allow for a radical re-imagining of a space through colour; the latter lend a more elegant and sophisticated touch. It’s surprising how the Clack! and Vent chairs take on completely different personalities depending on the colour. Their simple and versatile design betrays certain features and details that are genuinely special, which is also true for the mono-colour model Basic
Clack chair Diabla colours

Make the difference.

Collections for laid back settings with an unusual design. The Clip armchair and 356 series include low armchairs ideally suited for laid back and informal spaces. With their compact design and sinuous silhouette, thanks to their being made of polyethylene using rotational moulding technology, these are pieces with a surprising and impacting look. Similarly the pouffes from the Sail collection express a softer version of the same aesthetic.
Sail pouf with urban blue

Designs for one-off spaces.

This spark that Diabla searches out for all its design pieces can be clearly appreciated in collections such as Valentina and Dozequinze, with their seating elements inspired by innovative and creative ideas: Valentina through its provision of a series of armchairs and sofas using cushions; Dozequinze with its wide elasticated bands that form the seating part of the chair. Air high and low stool

Iconic pieces, forceful designer statements.

Impacting designs that require little more in order to transform a space. In the case of the Lipstick collection or the stools of the Air, collection, two designs featuring a rounded aesthetic, although of very different character: Lipstick with its pop personality that evokes fun and charm while the stools of the Air collection have a marked architectural quality.

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