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High tables, dining or side tables. With rounded, square or alternative and ingenious tops. In colours that range from vibrant tones to more neutral ones, and even artistic graphic designs. Tables for using as tables or something completely different allowing for the creation of versatile and flexible spaces. The range of Diabla tables includes creative and inspiring options for all kinds of décors and uses. Intelligently designed and meticulously made pieces, conceived for creating ambiences with a lot of character.


Designs for creative minds. Design proposals that prove highly flexible in terms of furnishing spaces both aesthetically and functionally. In the case of the Arumi collection: three side tables which combined together creatively not only allow for imaginative compositions but also provide for a wide variety of uses depending on how they are placed. This also underlines the multipurpose aspect of the low table belonging to the Clip collection that can also be used as a seat or even a foot stool.

Arumi tables

Do you dare?

Versatile with character. Most of Diabla’s collections include at the very least one side table. Pieces with a distinctive design that follow the same aesthetic as the family to which they belong. Nevertheless despite forming part of a grouping they are also capable of complimenting other styles and types of furniture. And that’s why they can be purchased separately. Which is the case with the tables from the Valentina, Lipstick and 356 collections, the last two even include recesses for holding potted plants or drinks.

Clip table red

Basics that are set apart.

The Mona single leg tables explore how to go beyond the design possibilities of this archetypal and practical typology. On the one hand the Mona collection is available in a rich colour palette that includes daring pink and yellow as well as deep tones of red and blue, not forgetting the more neutral colour range. And on the other hand the design has also inspired the Abstrakt version, with its decorated table tops treated like a painted canvas featuring abstract graphics created by the British designer Jonathan Lawes.

D12 side table

Ingeniously seductive.

Furniture pieces with clever details and a conscientious design like the D12 collection conceived from a 12mm diameter steel rod. While the collection’s dining table is supported by a sinuous matrix that looks like the orbit of an atom, the side table version is a more minimal structure, like the collision of moving elements in different directions. The table from the Dozequinze collection has a similar style with its woven bands that form the base.

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Valentina red tableLipstick grey tableD12 side table whiteAbstrakt Mona pink tableMesa Dozequinze antracitaClip olive green tableArumi blue tableMona mustard table356 sand armchair table