We unveil our Diabla catalogue 2021

A new creative style of living

Beauty is uniqueness. Optimistic collections to enjoy the outdoors throughout the four seasons are added to a casual and unique portfolio, not suitable for conventional tastes.

We celebrate this year the beauty of unusual places and extreme landscapes of overwhelming uniqueness. And it does so through the proposals of colour and inspirational images of our new catalogue, featuring the most recent launches, GRILL, LILLY, ARP and PLISY UP, together with the designs of recent seasons.

True to our non-conformity, Diabla inspires the most stimulating, colourful and stylish environments while defying the passing of the seasons and travelling through extraordinary places, some unearthly but real and others as architectural as they are imaginery.

The warmth of the most social and relaxed outdoor season, spring, moves between greens and pinks, and unfolds with all its energy in the forests of Mount Fuji in Japan, the Quebrada de la Chimba national reserve in Chile, or the Los Ciclos lagoon in Lanzarote, where Diabla imagines living.

Summer, the perfect expression of rest and tranquility, is painted in blue, white and sand evoking remote corners such as the Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia or the thermal waters of the Great Prismatic Fountain in Yellowstone Park in the United States.

Diabla’s autumn is exuberant and seductive, like the beech and fir forest in the Irati Forest in Navarre, an enjoyment for the senses and an exceptional setting for vibrant designs in shades such as red and mustard – true all-rounders to be enjoyed all year round.

White and grey show their brightest side peppered with cheerful notes of colour. In turn, winter becomes vital and rebellious as it fights back against low temperatures with a stroke of creativity. There is no time or place capable of resisting we are open and spontaneous attitude, even a few degrees below zero.

Throughout this visual and temporal journey through the Diabla lifestyle we find some of our most acclaimed series of lights, seats, tables and accessories and discover our latest developments, all perfectly combining its sex appeal with the creative stamp of each of our designers.

Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, from MUT Design, burst in with their experimental approach and the graphic and simple character of the GRILL collection, whose structure has been made with square welded aluminium profiles available in different textured thermo-lacquered finishes. The geometric language that gives shape to the collection, made up of chairs, armchairs, tables, stools and sofas, evokes the traditional racks of a barbecue, and composes a visual rhythm of strong personality that brings it closer to the category of functional sculpture, “it is like translating Mondrian’s work into an everyday object from a very free and contemporary perspective”.

ARP, designed by Borja García and Laura Ros – founders of MADE Studio–, is an abstraction of cast iron furniture pieces and tectonic architecture from the 19th century, reinterpreted from contemporary innovation and design. Based on a 30mm tubular structure in thermo-lacquered aluminium, the series comprises an armchair, a two-seater sofa and two low tables.

Nuevas colecciones GRILL y ARP

Designed by Democràcia Estudio, the LILLY series pays tribute to the brilliant designer and architect Lilly Reich, professor of the Bauhaus. The two types of modular pieces in the collection – extremely comfortable thanks to the polyurethane rubber foam mattresses covered with waterproof fabric – present a simple and powerful design that seeks to escape trends and last over time. Thanks to its modular nature, LILLY works well alone but also creates different combinations to suit the most heterogeneous exteriors.

In addition to incorporating new designs to our product and environment typology, we expand one of our most iconic collections, PLISY, and adds a new medium size format to the series. As original and chic as its predecessor, PLISY UP by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco is reinvented as a fixed light with the perfect height (117 cm) to bathe tables and corners with a pleasant ambient light. From the top of its thermo-lacquered and textured aluminium base, PLISY UP emanates a warm light using rechargeable LED technology and has a charming aesthetic inspired by the traditional pleated fabric shades that we all have (or have had) at home since time immemorial. Made of polyethylene, it merges the essence of indoor floor lamps with the character of garden lanterns, and the technology applied maintains a 5 to 6 hour autonomy with a touch sensor.

Nuevas colecciones LILLY y PLISY UP

Of course, in the Diabla 2021 catalogue, colour remains of vital importance. Our range of finishes, unmistakable due to its certified for outdoor use materials (thermo-lacquered aluminium, polyethylene, phenolic, methacrylate, nautical rope, water-repellent fabrics...) and the versatility and energy of our colour alternatives, is expanded with a new, very Diabla fabric. Powerful as a monochrome option and delightful when combined with other tones such as bronze, blue, grey, white, mustard or even intense red, the Plain Pink fabric is incorporated into Diabla’s chromatic proposal and completes a total of 20 different options for outdoor fabrics.

Diabla’s 2021 catalogue invites us to go out and enjoy the unique beauty of the unusual places and landscapes that overwhelm us as our own – and, as flâneurs of the 21st century, walk through them without caring about seasons or geographical boundaries – as when a journey influences us so much it produces an imprint on the design of our everyday spaces and even our personal projects.

Because we visualise our collections in all kinds of places and settings, stimulating and stylish spaces to be inhabited in a different way.

Catalogue credits

Creative Director & Project Manager: Alejandra Gandia-Blasco
Art Direction: Equipo Diabla & Hector Campos
Editorial concept & Graphic design: P.A.R
Photographer: Sonia Sabnani
Renders: MUT Design
Copy: Tachy Mora
Translations: Staphaus
Printed in Spain, 2020 by Nova Era Publication