Diabla's Debut and Latest News from the Salone del Mobile 2018

Hello! Welcome to Diabla Attitude, our online magazine about the world of Diabla. Here, we will share with you not only some of the things we do, but particularly, other findings and references from the field of culture and contemporary creation which interest us. At Diabla, we are curious by nature. We are convinced that only with this attitude can an inspiring universe be built, both for ourselves and for others.And because we know there are Diabla people everywhere, we are going to share with you all those things we find inspiring or fascinating.

But let's start from the beginning.We have just made our official debut at the Salone del Mobile 2018. We are a new brand, but we are not new.Behind Diabla stands the Valencian firm GANDIABLASCO.We have the support of this prestigious Spanish company, which has an extensive experience of nearly eight decades on national and international markets of contemporary design. We share many values: the main one is that we also tend to question everything.Yet the difference is that our style is more carefree, casual, colourful, daring and cosmopolitan ‒ click here if you want to know more about Diabla.

In addition to launching our online product catalogue for the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we have also presented some new products.Here, you can see all the details, in case you couldn't make it, or you missed our stand. By the way, this stand was designed by Romero Vallejo, the architecture studio co-founded by our director:Sara Romero.

We Are Expanding the Valentina Outdoor Furniture Collection 

A powerful injection of colour for an outdoor relaxation area that combines a casual, carefree character with elegance.This is the kind of ambience that you can get with Valentina Outdoor's pieces, a collection that is the most genuine expression of the Diabla style. Designed to allow you enjoy outdoor spaces in an informal way, with sofas and sunbeds at floor-level that make multiple combinations and improvised uses possible. On the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2018, we have presented the raised version of the one seat sofa chair from this collection.

As a starting point, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, the designer of the Valentina Outdoor collection, set herself the challenge of designing a seat using only two cushions.The purpose was to ensure that they were held together using as few elements as possible and in such a way that one of them would remain upright. Thus, the idea of using only two cushions and a light and nearly imperceptible structure of steel rods, not only gave rise to a seat, but also a double sofa and a sunbed, with their distinctive informal and casual style.They go with a low side table available in two heights.

"Valentina Outdoor arose from the answer to a basic question: How to design a furniture system with the minimum, by just playing with an element everybody is familiar with, like cushions? A cushion is an everyday element that suggests warmth and comfort but, when scaled to other sizes and decontextualized, can acquire another meaning and other uses", this is how Alejandra explains her design.

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret is the Assistant Creative and Communications Director of GANDIABLASCO. She graduated in Fine Arts from the UPV of Valencia and later on completed her training in Design and Communication at the Central Saint Martins in London, finally joining the family business in 2012. She is an interdisciplinary designer who bases her work on concepts that derive from visual arts, applying them to everyday objects or spaces, as well as art and communication.

To prevent the cushions from slipping and separating, they are held together by a zipper that is hidden from sight. Both are in turn connected to the metal rod structure by means of another zip so that the whole assembly remains fixed. The cushions are made of a special fabric which is removable and resistant to exterior conditions. This means that they can be easily washed or replaced with a set of other colours from the wide range of tones offered by the Valentina Outdoor line.

The collection consists of a sunbed, an individual easy chair at floor level and another raised one, a double sofa and a side table. You can buy the Valentina Outdoor collection on our online store.

The Portable Plisy Lamp 

Plisy, made of an unusual folding material, polyethylene, with its bracelet bag style cord, is the perfect lighting accessory to give a chic and fun touch to an evening outdoors. A portable lamp that transfers the aesthetics of elegant indoor folding screens to a piece specially designed for outdoor use. Plisy is a kind of stylish and technological reinvention of the garden lantern, which incorporates LED lighting and is charged by USB.

Also designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, Plisy is a lamp that takes its inspiration not only from lamp screens of classical lighting but also from fashion, hence its nautical fabric cord that allows it to be carried as if it were a wristlet bag.This combination of references in Plisy's design is not a coincidence: Alejandra Gandía-Blasco fuses all those common inspirations in her creative processes, in which a wide variety of personal concerns are involved, from the most technological artistic expressions to fashion and craftsmanship. A tribute to folded fabrics and their applications in multiple contexts.

"Plisy is a portable, rechargeable lamp inspired by traditional indoor lampshades made of folded fabric now fashionable. A classic design reinterpreted with materials resistant to outdoor conditions, whose folding aesthetics have been reproduced in polyethylene. It is like carrying an illuminated bag that you can forget on the terrace or in your garden. Take it with you and hang it wherever you want or use it to set the scene for dinner, either indoors or outdoors", says Alejandra about her design.

In addition, although Plisy is portable and can be hung or placed anywhere, it comes with a base made of thermo-lacquered steel rod, a support with a subtle appearance which brings to mind those used in the most elegant restaurants to place the bags next to their owners. Hence, although it is specially designed for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors to decorate a dining table.

With seven hours charging offers up to 10 at maximum intensity, which can be adjusted by simply touching the power button with your fingers.

The Donut Outdoor Stool 

Donut is an outdoor stool with a very friendly ingenious design, which brings a smile to your face the moment you see it. With undeniable and obvious inspiration, little more can be added to describe its appearance at first sight. Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi has been inspired by the shape of doughnuts to create this cute stool. This amusing proposal is, without doubt, a sure bet when it comes to adding a piece with panache and sparkle to an ambience.

The seat is made with a foam filling and the pleats of the fabric that covers it further accentuate its similarity to the doughnut’s appearance. Its fabric is particularly suitable for outdoor use, since it is very resistant to the weather conditions and can be removed for washing.

As it gives the impression that the seat of this outdoor stool is upholstered, Donut is a design that also naturally fits indoors. So, it can be used both inside and outside the home; for use outdoors and occasionally indoors, if necessary; or the other way around. 

Mikiya Kobayash is a designer of Japanese origin with a studio in Tokyo since 2006, whose work is characterised by his particular way of perceiving design, beyond focusing on the way or manner in which a certain object is used. In his proposals, you notice immediately that he works in a specific way and with a preference for providing an essential uniqueness, both of the object itself and with respect to the space or environment in which it will be used, and Donut is a good example of this.

Our Donut outdoor low stool is available in many colours, some really vivid, such as red, pink or yellow. It can be a very appealing piece either to give a little touch of colour, or to set up a colourful area where you can have a drink, with an atmosphere between informal and improvised, but at the same time with style and a certain distinction.

Touffu Pet Houses 

Touffu is an original pet house that hides a very special design behind its typical pitched roof format: Our pets also have the right to live in a stylish environment!What makes it different is not so obvious, thus you have to look at the piece in detail and with your gaze fixed on how it is assembled. Its structure is designed in such a way that the panels that make it up fit together in the assembly process by means of a system of slots, which allow them to be assembled while they support each other without any need for screws.They fit together by applying pressure so that the house is completely stable.

This type of pressure coupling, without the need for additional assembly elements, is an art in traditional Japanese woodwork, particularly used in the construction of architectural structures. The designers of this ingenious outdoor house for pets are two architects: Manel Jiménez Ibáñez and Violeta Alcaide Weishaupt. Touffu is probably the smallest scale house that can be designed by an architect, and with an added difficulty: it had to fit into a flat package to optimise its delivery.

Manel Jiménez Ibáñez and Violeta Alcaide Weishaupt studied architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Both of them completed one year of their studies at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, which means that one part of their initial experience took place in Swiss architecture studios. They have pursued their professional careers in Spain and Switzerland, participating in various architecture studios in both countries. Although they are mainly dedicated to architecture, both have a particular interest in dealing with design-related projects, either separately or as a team. 

The panels are made of phenolic board, a material that can withstand outdoor conditions very well. However, thanks to its aesthetics, Touffu can also be placed indoors, as it does not have the distinctive appearance of an outdoor pet house.Inside, it has a cushion lined with a removable fabric, so that it can be easily washed.It is available in two sizes, one for larger animals and one for smaller pets. It can be used for dogs, cats and domestic rodents.
And that's all the news from our debut. We hope you enjoyed it. See you soon!