Diabla: playing with inspiring artists and creatives

Lively and original, Diabla has been featured in media editorials around the world and in unique settings, photographs and even illustrations signed by artists, stylists and creatives from around the world. The Korean creators Hannaz and Nan Jeong Lee, and the French illustrators Malika Favre and Nathalie Coulombel have received as surprise guests the Clack! chair, the 356 sun lounger, the Clip table and club chair and the Picnic hammock. Our icons surrender to their talent and leave us with some very suggestive images.

Art, fashion and design, happily doomed to meet

Our designs and colour palette have inspired artists such as Nathalie Coulombel, who brought the firm's red and pink to a summer picnic on the Côte d'Azur. Gracefully, a pair of Picnic hammocks are integrated into the Mediterranean landscape, skilfully drawn in a play of planes and silhouettes by the sea.

Another master of illustration and graphic art, Malika Favre, whose work has been published by media such as The New Yorker, has been captivated by the sexy look of Lipstick, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales. So much so that one of the photos of the chair in Diabla's catalogue has a place of honour in her colourful gallery of temptations @icantaffordthisbutmaybeshecan - Malika's secondary account on Instagram, in which the creator collects her dream designs together with George Wu. Lipstick's pop spirit fits perfectly with her unique style, in which references to Op Art, geometric patterns, curved lines and the female body play a leading role.

Diabla inspires artists and creatives

Collaborations between designers and artists can generate powerful dialogues between two worlds that converge and feedback.

Fashion and industrial design in conversation with Nanjeong Lee, who relaxes on Clack! a versatile folding chair that goes out into the courtyard to become a stylish complement showing its more chic and casual side. Next to it, the aerodynamic 365 deck chairs, designed to enjoy a comfortable nap under the sky at any time of the year. The award-winning influencer introduces pink and the Mediterranean spirit in her colourful Instagram feed together with Diabla and Galleria, one of the most exclusive department stores in South Korea.

We travel where it uses itself as a platform for a creative lifestyle.

The innovative Punto Blue Seoul space has become the perfect setting for the "Daydream" exhibition by the Korean artist Hannaz, known for the emotional power her photos and videos convey in a cocktail of nostalgia, childhood and summer memories. Fusing art and design, exterior and interior, visitors are invited to lie down on the beach and pool side of her works of art by taking a seat in Diabla's Clip club chairs and tables. An immersive artistic experience turned into an oceanic journey, away from noise.

Succumbing to the unique and personal gaze of talented photographers, art directors, stylists and creators from all over the world, we invite you to a party in which architecture, art and design strengthen ties and cross boundaries while expressing all the possibilities of pieces capable of living creatively day and night, indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to each and every one of the personal perspectives that allow us to expand the Diabla universe to every corner of the planet and tell thousands of stories linking design to art, fashion and illustration.