The garden of delights

How is Diabla unerring in triggering the imagination? Today we allow ourselves to borrow the name of one of the most fascinating and enigmatic works of art to fantasize about the designs in our catalogue inhabiting an Eden of dreams dedicated to small pleasures.

Sneak into a private orchard

There is something about secret gardens that makes it impossible to suppress the desire to sneak into what are surely the favourite places of a privileged few. Curious by nature, at Diabla we have been able to spy on some of these outdoor treasures and then, with the collaboration of talented designers, transform all that inspiration into ingenious designs.

An example of this is PLOID, a collection signed by Romero & Vallejo that tries to embrace the hedonistic and multifunctional nature of outdoor spaces. PLOID is made up of just three modular elements with which one can configure multiple types of seats and build customized oases. Thus, we can enjoy our refuge from basic compositions such as an armchair or a sofa, or other less frequent ones, such as a divan, a love seat or a large seat as a chill-out bed.

Surrender to contemplation

Garden with D12 and Valentina

If we have a garden and a little time to enjoy it, the rest is redundant. Following this premise, the Diabla catalogue proposes a selection of elements conceived putting at its core what is, for us, essential: the experience of those who use them. This is how we find beauty in designs that, in addition to being useful, super durable and beautiful, add an extra bit of fun and ease to our way of living outdoors.

The concept behind D12, made up of designs created by Marià Castelló for her own house in Formentera, synthesizes this search for essence in basic, direct lines. The result is a series of elemental steel structures that constitute, in themselves and devoid of all accessories, a shelf, a coat rack or a table. Thanks to the thermo-lacquered finish of these fine rods 12 centimetres in diameter, the pieces can be presented in ten different shades to try and blend into the setting or, on the contrary, stand out with a note of colour.

Composition with Valentina and D12

The VALENTINA armchair is another of those pieces capable of providing a solution to the almost epic challenge of reducing the elements and structures to a minimum while at the same time maximizing the level of comfort. Whether in its most daring version with a structure and cushions in the intense red of Diabla or dyed in another of the fifteen shades of our colour chart, its ingenious design is an invitation to experience the outdoors in our own way.

Creative yearning

Jardín Diabla con Lipstick y Gobi

A garden is, by definition, changeable and spontaneous. Diabla's pieces accompany that movement, the course of the seasons and the different needs at each moment. Because they are transportable, modular, resistant, flexible and versatile, they are easy to integrate into any outdoor environment, from the most secluded to the busiest. And, thanks to their aesthetic strength and uniqueness, they enhance the beauty of the space they are placed in by bringing even more life, texture, volume and colour – lots of colours.

The cheerful and versatile character of the LIPSTICK series fits perfectly with Diabla's purpose: to introduce creativity into everyday life through ideas and details. In this way, while its design is comfortable, resistant and functional, the oval lines that insinuate the object which inspired the collection - composed of armchair and side table - give a surrealist wink.
Lipstick Composition

Life outdoors thus encourages us to create pieces that fuse the inclination towards functionality with its power to generate experiences and stagings. The GOBI, line of flowerpots, conceived by Pablo Gironés and manufactured in 100% recyclable polyethene, and the FAROLES collection for candles by José A. Gandía-Blasco, ideal for settings with warm light, give us a choice of multiple formats and sizes, allowing as many decorative possibilities. Available in neutral colours of white, sand and grey, and saturated tones of pink and red, they give a creative and modern twist to essential accessories in any good garden.

Composición Gobi

Because in our charming Diabla haven there is never a lack of light or the explosion of nature, but neither is there a lack of style or originality.