Clever design for the little ones

Diabla plays with creativity and movement

Creative and expressive by nature, children represent, without filters, Diabla's fun and festive spirit. As you know, we are the youngest brand of Gandia Blasco Group, and for this reason, our imaginary is populated with happy and colorful pieces like Sail mini, Donut and Lena which connect directly with the playful and spontaneous language of those beings who still have a whole world to discover.

Lena swing

Play freely and without rules, that's what it's all about when we come across something as symbolic and inviting as Lena's swing. This attractive swing, designed by Frale Design - Alessandra Balsotti and Francesca Rosignoli - seduces the little ones (and those who are not so little) in both outdoor and indoor spaces. It is easy to imagine Lena in a garden or on a porch, but also as an object of desire in a children's playroom.

The swing seat is made of white polyethylene while the rope is made of braided polyester. As an original aesthetic detail, the rope draws a crisscross inspired by cross-stitching. In a sway between modernity and tradition, Lena has become an icon of the firm and has been awarded a NYC Design Award.


Sweet and fun

Donut stool

Donut says a lot with its name and even more with its original, stubby shapes. This outdoor stool, conceived by Mikiya Kobayashi, pays tribute to the world's most famous donuts and brings a smile to anyone who comes across it for the first time.

Its seat is filled with foam and the pleats created by the fabric that covers it further accentuates its similarity to the look of a doughnut. Weatherproof and easily removable, the Donut Stool is a fun proposition that is a hit with even the most restless children: it's versatile, it fires the imagination and its comfort makes it irresistible. The final touch? It is available in a lot of shades, some really bright, like red, pink or yellow.


Who says no to lying on a cloud?

Sail mini pouf

Sail Mini, designed by Héctor Serrano, is the children's version of Diabla's most cuddly outdoor armchair. Sitting in Sail Mini is like receiving a warm embrace, as the entire interior - made of polystyrene beads - molds to the shape of the body. The fabrics of its upholstery are special for outdoor use, although its design is ideal for relaxing and playing spaces indoors. In addition, as it is removable, it can be easily washed. Sail Mini is the perfect solution for setting up a children's area with several mobile seating points or a small living area next to a Sail, forming a refuge for disconnecting and reconnecting with company. As in the other Diabla pieces, vitality is served by its wide range of colors.

Products for kids

Lena, Donut and Sail Mini encourage fun and expressive development in children, an exciting experience to which in Diabla we respond with design, ingenuity and admiration for the great lessons in creativity that these little masters give us every day.