Diabla Spring

The sense of renewal and excitement that spring brings us is also engrained in our DNA, we’re the youngest firm in the Gandia Blasco Group as you know. This season – that which they call the season of love – is an endless source of inspiration thanks to nature's desire to show itself to be full of life through colour.

This is an invitation to surround ourselves with their free and joyous spirit in our small open air oasis, whatever the season.

Opposites attract

If Diabla knows anything, it is how to give a fun and elegant twist to the everyday by running from the conventional, and it has set out to make us fall in love with a bold and somewhat unexpected colour scheme: the duality of green and pink. Those who wish to moderate its intensity will find comfort in a third tone, sand.

With the harmony and contrasts offered by the complementary palette, the fresh and fun character of our designs covers every mood. Super soft sunbeds and pouffes – always with special fabrics for outdoor use – are dressed in greens as vibrant as lime or mint. Folding chairs and loungers opt for more calming hues, such as olive, for the upholstery as well as the framework. We also find these darker and more neutral tones in the accessories section, be it pots, shelves or lighting fixtures.

Moodboard pink and olive green

For example, a PLOID modular composition - a system devised by Héctor Serrano - can exemplify this refreshing combination. If we decide on mint as the dominant colour to configure a multi-seater sofa with its chaise longue or form a composition of monochromatic armchairs and loungers in lime green, we will be able to put the accent on choosing pink for the side tables from the same collection, which fit between the modules and appear to float above the seats.

The SAILSAIL MINI and MARETA chairs and pouffes – both Serrano – we envisage forming chill-out spots for all tastes, whether it be in the two similar shades of green, or surprising with a spontaneous colour combination to transmit energy and dynamism to a space.

Ploid, Mareta and Sail in spring tones

The VENT chairs by Borja García; the collapsible CLACK! By José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales; and the TRIP hammock – the result of both designers’ collaboration – all share the same light and comfortable shapes which can be the ideal pair to accessories also made to be used outdoors, such as the ARUMI coffee table by Emmanuel Gardin; the FAROLES by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales; and the lovely LA SIESTA earthenware pitcher by Raky Martínez, Alberto Martínez and Héctor Serrano. All of these pieces are available in both pink and olive green.

Diabla products in spring tones

The curved lines of the LIPSTICK series seat and table – a design by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales made with 100% recyclable polythene – seduce in any of their more colourful versions. We can marry these elements with the GOBI chubby flowerpots – conceived by Pablo Gironés and made in the same material – to recreate a monochrome and serene setting or to perhaps add a casual wink by complementing it with an opposite colour.

Diabla's balcony with Lipstick and Gobi

To add a dose of colour to an urban terrace, camouflage yourself in natural surroundings or form a cute trichrome with the sand of the beach: the green-pink duo is our weakness and we find it delightful in any exterior that wants to bear the Diabla label.