Diabla has the combo of colors you need to inhabit the summer

Our colour palette spreads its colourful and Mediterranean spirit to all kinds of environments, whether terraces, patios and gardens within the natural or city atmosphere, both private and contract settings.

That is why all the materials of our designs &mdashboth structures and textiles&mdash can be found in various colours inspired by the perfect blends of nature typical of the Diabla environment. Shades with a lot of style, fantastic both in a single-colour version and to make suggestive contrasts.

Yellow, blue, sand and white transmit us the summery «joie de vivre», both on the beach and in the city

The arrival of summer symbolizes, this year more than ever, our desire to live outdoors. A proper impulse of our culture and lifestyle, in which the countless sunny days of the Mediterranean have a great weight.

The intense yellow and blue of the Diabla colour chart reign in sunny outdoors- next to the pool, on the beach, in the countryside ... - and conquer urban outdoor settings with joy, versatility and style. The city does not need more gray, but remember that, despite everything, it is summer out there.


Just as the sea turns golden at sunset and through sunglasses we look up at a cloudless sky while the rays of light dazzle us, the yellow and blue Diabla are made for each other, forming a decorative partnership with as much elegance as expressive force.

The feeling is balanced by adding sand and white. Serene nuances that surround everything and put our feet on the ground. The final result when combining these colours is a harmonic, powerful and, at the same time, coherent.

365 days feeling the spirit of Diabla’s summer

The filling of the cuddly SAIL poufs designed by Héctor Serrano can be dressed in twenty different colours, including white, sand, bronze, 5 shades of blue and mustard yellow in two variants. This filling is made of polystyrene beads and is covered with waterproof fabric, resistant for outdoor use. This delightful hug turned into a fun triangular pattern seat which is capable of turning any environment. Also available in a children's version, the SAIL pieces are an ode to the more comfortable and colorful side of the design.

Soft seats. In any of the colors proposed by Diabla for this season, DONUT is just as nice and irreverent. Conceived by Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi, this outdoor stool is a surprisingly comfortable, portable and versatile piece. Ideal for adding color and a sparkle to all kinds of outdoor environments, it is made with a soft foam padding and the ruffles generated by the fabric that covers it further accentuate its donut-like appearance. It is resistant and removable, so its color stays alive for a long time.

Sail Pouf and Donut stool

To take an appetizer and to lie in the sun. Whether in white or sand, the 356 outdoor armchair is a monochromatic commitment to the fluidity and versatility of modular outdoor furniture. The 356 line of seats, conceived by José A. Gandía-Blasco and Pablo Gironés and made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, reflects the aerodynamic aesthetics of the first models of the Porsche 356 of the 1950s. The lightness and sobriety in lines and colors allowed to fit them in any staging. Irresistible alone or sprinkled with bright notes of color in accessories.

Combine it with MONA tables. The VENT chairs by Borja García seem to change their appearance depending on the color in which they are presented &mdash they are available in ten shades &mdash discreet and essential in white or sand, elegant in navy blue and groundbreaking in mustard yellow. VENT's sober and minimalist lines make this collection fit perfectly in different decorative styles. The thermo-lacquered zinc-plated steel of its legs and the rigid polyurethane for the seat and backrest - made in one piece - make them very resistant to the elements.

356 and Vent chairs

And to finish, the accessories of sinuous and generous lines such as the GOBI plant pots and the ESFERAS lamp, both creations by Pablo Gironés, are dyed white to provide serenity and light. Both pieces, although in neutral tones, exude personality and character. That is why they match perfectly with designs such as the VALENTINA side table &mdashdesigned by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco&mdash or the VENT chair when bathed in saturated yellow or deep blue.

To surprise with a dose of color on an urban terrace, camouflage yourself on the coast or to form an infallible harmony with the sand of the beach and white color, the quintessential color of summer: the Diabla yellow-blue combo is an irrefutable invitation to enjoy the small pleasures of life outdoors.

Gobi, Valentina table, Vent chair and Esferas