Diabla terraces to enjoy all year round

Bright and colourful designs to transform any bar or terrace into a real oasis of creativity

We infect you with our desire to win over all the cafes and terraces, defying and even enjoying the coldest months outdoors with a Mediterranean spirit and transgressive attitude.

Our selection of hospitality and catering projects puts the outdoors in the spotlight and lands in small and large contract spaces in which casual style and creativity prevail as a differential value.

Caprice of style and design in a relaxed tête à tête

Diabla takes us into the new Golden Age of terraces and invites us to dream of occupying the last free table in the bar in squares, alleys and promenades. In these times when sharing a moment of relaxation in the open air, whenever and wherever, is one of the most desired whims, the Mediterranean lifestyle makes its way into each one of the iconic designs in its carefully design catalogue, as is the case with MONA, ABSTRAKT MONA, VENT and PLISY.

Abstrakt Mona and Vent

The versatile  MONA table, developed by the Diabla team, has a circular surface in three different diameters and two possible heights, multiplying the configuration possibilities for different environments. Made of thermo-lacquered galvanised steel and a phenolic board, and weather-resistant, the high and low tables from the MONA series are supported by a single cylindrical leg. By creating sets, monochrome tides can be formed or the most original environments in which the entire Diabla colour palette is present, from the basic white, light grey, anthracite, sand and bronze to the expressive mustard, blue, pink and red.

ABSTRAKT MONA, customized by the British print designer Jonathan Lawes, plays with geometric graphics on MONA’s single-legged board. Different colour combinations and two formal solutions, one circular and one square emphasise the personality of a striking and original design. ABSTRAKT MONA opts for pure forms and energetic colours, which it balances with shades of grey, anthracite and white. Art and design in every detail.

The  VENT stools and stackable chairs, by Borja García, merge reason and emotion in equal parts by generating a feeling of aerodynamics. Like real chameleons, the different models in the series radically change their personality according to the colour that surrounds them. Both versions of the seat stand out for their simple and wind-like lightness and are available with a skate-style base or with four iron rod legs. The different sizes of the elements and the height variations of the legs and backrest fire the imagination and encourage the creation of all kinds of combinations and experiences. Offering great resistance to the elements and an extra dose of softness and comfort, the seats and backs of VENT chairs are moulded in a single piece made of rigid polyurethane.

Plisy lamp

PLISY, by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret, is more than just a fantastic way to light up evenings with friends outdoors. Functionality, decorate power and the magic of light come together in one of the most representative pieces of Diabla’s chic. The pleated screen made of polyethylene is the most striking part of this contemporary LED lantern, which can be carried anywhere with its braided rope handle available in five colours. This luminaire can also be accompanied by an iron foot, in red or white, which make it easy to use as a fixed point of light when time and space require it. PLISY is recharged by USB and its battery lasts up to 10 hours, bathing the environment in a pleasant and warm light.

Durability, colour and limitless versatility

Both in natural and urban environments and with durable and resistant materials and textiles, we try to imprint our lively and fun character wherever it goes. A direct connection with the more ironic and playful side of design lovers is assured.

Colour is part of the unmistakable Diabla signature. In our catalogue, an infinite number of personalisation possibilities can be found, from the most neutral and timeless ranges to the palette with bright and saturated tones that express our most vitalist side. 

Our arty sign, a faithful ally of the emerging talents of the contemporary design scene, harmonises the functionality and multifaceted character of each chair, table, sofa, lamp, planter or deck chair. Aesthetics, movements and surprise effect at the service of the functionality of the most daring and creative outdoor contract installations.