Diabla in Arco Madrid

We have always been fascinated by this area that is as imprecise as it is magnetic, where the boundaries between art and design are blurred. So when the platform of Spanish design companies RED – of which Gandia Blasco Group is a part – asked us to come to ARCO Madrid 2020, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Creativity, inspiration, contemporary artists from all over the world… everything we like was there.

Diabla in the VIP room of ARCO Madrid 2020

Thus, Diabla had the honor of being one of the brands present in the VIP room over the 5 days of the festival, from 26th February to 1st March. The space, created by Teresa Sapey and Rafael Robledo as one more work of art, was the perfect example of how our designs, designed for outdoor environments, can also fit into indoor environments as long as one condition is met: the creative and daring style.

What struck us most was how Sapey and Robledo achieved an immersive experience through the fearless use of colour – if you’ve seen our latest catalogue , you will already know that if there’s one thing Diabla has plenty of, its colour.

Diabla's red in the VIP room of ARCO Madrid 2020

Diabla's designs played their part, along with a selection of current, futuristic and ergonomic pieces of furniture and lighting from other national firms, in an artistic and fluid staging, full of movement.

The fun Lipstick chairs and tables, designed by José A. Gandía Blasco and produced with 100% recyclable polythene, were strongly displayed in the foyer dressed in red. The Picnic hammocks, also by José A. Gandía-Blasco and dyed in the same shade of red, could be moved as needed thanks to their light and resistant design. Finally, the Plisy, rechargeable lamp, designed by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, was able to brighten up every corner of the room with its portable light while it was resting on the floor, on a table or hanging from its stand.

Diabla in the VIP room of feria ARCO Madrid 2020

It has been fantastic to participate in this initiative and we want to thank Teresa Sapey, Rafael Robledo and Marisa Santamaría – president of RED – once again for their splendid work.