Diabla makes a splash at the 2019 Feria Habitat

Hello! We were really looking forward to telling you about all the new things we are up to. Expectations were very high in terms of creativity and design, and we believe that we have not let you down. We sure hope so!

As you know, we participated in the 2019 Feria Hábitat, in Valencia. As usual, it was an excellent opportunity to roll out all the new season's outdoor furniture. Original accessories, with surprising, colourful designs. People can say what they like about Diabla, but we don't leave anybody indifferent!

2019 Stand Habitat Valencia Diabla

Now we are going to present the latest on the new season, and also the designers involved in the creative process, the people who devised these accessories for the occasion, together with the Diabla team.

The LENA swing, a design by Frale design

Lena red and white swing Diabla

Who has never dreamed of just relaxing on a swing and swaying there, forever? The enigmatic LENA swing evokes childhood, from the comfort and intimacy of your home. Featuring a youthful design by the Italians Francesca Rosignoli and Alessandra Balsotti, this swing boasts an original and fun design, and is ideal to customise any outdoor environment (terrace, porch or garden) or interior space. Can't you imagine it in the corner of your dining room or bedroom?

The LENA swing also stands out for its unique combination of modernity and tradition, and for its vibrant colour scheme: red and white. It is a design accessory representing an invitation to relax in an original and casual way. Have you decided where you are going to put it, to unwind?

MARETA chair, a design by Héctor Serrano

Mareta red lounge chair Diabla

MARETA is not just any outdoor chair. It really catches the eye! MARETA beckons you to relax in a really unconventional, simple and natural way, letting you sink into its soft, ergonomic structure, instantly enveloping you. Geometrically inspired, the MARETA chair is devised to adapt to the body in a resting position through the unusual combination of curved and straight lines making up the entire piece. In fact, this original, minimalist-looking piece of furniture has no armrests, allowing for endless relaxing positions, without any obstacles. And, do you know the best part? You can share it with whoever you like.

Héctor Serrano was responsible for the design of the MARETA chair. A multidisciplinary designer, he is the founder of the Héctor Serrano Studio, established in London in 2000, and the holder of multiple awards.

Trip hammock and chair, a design by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García

Trip grey deckchair Diabla

TRIP is synonymous with contemporary, versatile and functional design. It is really flexible piece, offering endless possibilities! It includes two lines of outdoor furniture that are easy to place and transport anywhere: from a terrace to a garden, from a pool to a beach. Why not? TRIP is a premium-quality, ultra-comfortable hammock featuring pure and minimalist lines, and is also a folding chair that maintains the same concept and aesthetics.

The TRIP line was designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, president and creative director of the Gandia Blasco Group, in accord with the firm's line of shifting towards contemporary design. Also participating was Borja García, a Valencian industrial designer and architect, and a regular collaborator with GANDIABLASCO.

Ploid Collection, a design by the Romero & Vallejo studio

Ploid sofa and side table Diabla

Last but not least, we present the PLOID line of sofas, as dynamic and multifaceted as our customers. A collection composed of just three modular elements, with which you can construct multiple types of seats, and atmospheres. There is nothing that you cannot do with the three PLOID pieces: from a simple armchair, to a couch, to a love seat, or a sofa with unlimited space, with a chaise longue; a flat surface functioning as a sunbed, or a huge chair usable as a chill-out bed. They can also be easily reconfigured according to changing needs. Unleash your imagination!

The Romero & Vallejo studio, founded by the architects Sara Romero and Mariano Vallejo in 2004, is behind this modular marvel. These professionals really know about the group and its needs because they were designers at GANDIABLASCO and GAN. They also contributed to Diabla's launch during its first three years. Who better than them to capture the essence of Ploid!

News Diabla at 2019 Habitat Valencia

What do you think about these new releases? Which one best meets your needs?

We hope you liked it We will keep you abreast of everything we are working on to revolutionise your home’s outdoor spaces, or any contract space.