Diabla extols the art of lying down

Talking, creating, having fun, dreaming... our deck chair are not made just for sunbathing and abandoning yourself to the dolce far niente.

With color, contemporaneity and versatility as standards, these designs, with a marked hedonistic character, parade through the most stylish and breezy exteriors, becoming the protagonists. Born to stage outdoor moments whatever the time of year, they adapt to all kinds of evolving spaces and needs.

Pieces with a resounding personality

Stripped of any superfluous element, deck chairs such as the 356 generate a strong visual impact based on streamlined lines and in full color. Available in 8 shades and with generous measurements (200x80x36 cm), it hardly goes unnoticed. Its name evokes the first models of the Porsche 356 of the 50s. Thanks to the material in which it is produced, 100% recyclable polyethylene, it is especially ergonomic, comfortable and resistant.

Picnic Deckchair

When everything changes, the authentic remains

PICNIC, by José A. Gandia-Blasco, is an improved version of the classic beach deck chair of all time. This everlasting icon, now revised with a lighter design, is easy to fold and transport. On the other hand, being made of thermo-lacquered aluminum and plastic fabric, it requires little maintenance and can resist intensive use in the open air, sun, water and salt proof. Maximizes comfort by allowing you to fix three positions (105 °, 120 ° and 130 °) and multiplies its possibilities by offering up to 16 combinations, either in single color or contrasting the tones of fabric and structure.

In praise of movement

Folding, light, with different positions, easy to move ... Diabla's deck chair and hammocks have been designed to adapt to all kinds of places and moments. TRIP, by José A. Gandia-Blasco and Borja García, is a clear example of this: it weighs and occupy very little &mdashso it is very appropriate in domestic and contract spaces that have to be reconfigured frequently&mdash, and its backing rests in different positions (110 °, 115 ° and 120 °), favoring that the same environment can be transformed into several. TRIP is made up of a thermo-lacquered tubular aluminum structure and a special plastic fabric for outdoor use. Its measurements are 52 x 43 x 64 cm and it has a rich chromatic range that allows 9 single-color variants and many others in two-color (with the structure in white).

Trip Deckchair

The most vibrant side of relaxation

disconnecting, breaking the routine and looking for a space to let go is not always synonymous with calm and serenity. Diabla is committed to bright colors –pink, red, yellow and intense blue, among others– and daring lines even for environments intended for rest. VALENTINA, designed by Alejandra Gandia-Blasco, is a casual and casual deck chair that, at the same time, is chic and colorful. The iron rod that makes up the structure can be heat-lacquered in white or red, while the water-repellent fabric of the cushions (removable and most comfortable) comes in 16 finishes. Authentic expression of the Diabla character, VALENTINA invites you to enjoy the outdoors in an improvised way, with its matching sofas and side table that allow multiple combinations and uses.

Lay down!

356 Chaiselongue pink      Trip Deckchair grey and white       Valentina chaiselongue blue and white       Picnic Deckchair pink